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September 25, 2019 2 Minuten gelesen

Durability, versatility, and sustainability play an essential role in men's sportswear

Skyrunner, climber, Weekendbee Testbee Sante Ahonen shares this view. We asked Sante about his favorite sports clothing and why he wants to support eco-friendly and sustainable sportswear brands.

At the end of the story, you will also hear why Sante DIDN'T receive any negative comments on the body odor while hiking in Norway this summer! :)

Miesten vastuulliset treenivaatteet

Miesten vastuulliset urheiluvaatteet vuorijuoksutestissä


Our Testbee Sante Ahonen is a 26-year-old athlete living in Porvoo.Sante's enthusiasm for outdoor activities started when orienteering together with the family in the 1990s. Newest passion is Skyrunning, which is still quite small in Finland. Still, Sante is determined to reach the mountains faster and faster and hopes that it will also bring success one day.

After starting as a Weekendbee Testbee, Sante has begun to pay more attention to the ethical and sustainable side of sportswear.

"Many sports brands out in the market present different eco certifications and sustainable marketing arguments these days. I don't think it is clear for many consumers, which brand is speaking the truth.
That's why, I am very pleased to have an online platform as Weekendbee, who is making sustainable sportswear consumption easier for us. When shopping at Weekendbee you can be sure that you are choosing always ethical and sustainable sportswear. "

"Merino sportswear work in every sport, on any weather!

Miesten ekologiset urheiluvaatteet

In addition to running, Sante's sports category includes cycling and climbing. Training clothes are sometimes changed quickly, so versatility and durability play an essential role.

Sante's "number one workout shirt" this season has been the long-sleeved merino training shirt from the Finnish company Keli Clothing. Convinced by the merino wool quality and functionality, Sante wishes to invest next in merino underwear, hoodies, and socks.

"Been using Keli's merino wool training shirt all year round; at the gym, indoor and outdoor climbing, running and biking.

Breathability is TOP level, and the shirt doesn't feel or smell as normal synthetic polyester clothing do. When hiking in Norway this summer I wore the shirt 3 days in a row without getting any feedback from my friends about my body odour :) ", notes Sante. 

Merino Wool outperforms any other fabrics when it comes to moisture-wicking, warmth, and odor-fighting capabilities. Merino wool is known for its quality, softness, and ability to regulate body temperature even during high-intensity activity. Merino is naturally anti-bacterial and it doesn’t stink like synthetic fibers, so you don’t have to wash the shirt so often – drying and airing it out is usually enough.

Weekendbee offers only 100 % mulesing-free merino wool products. Read more why it's important to choose mulesing-free merino wool.

Follow Sante on Instagram: @santeahonen

Pictures: Sante Ahonen, Mons Royale

Men's TOP 3 ethical sportswear

MERINO PANTS & BOTTOMS! Warmer, lighter and faster drying than traditional synthetic mid-layers, merino pants, underwear and bottoms are not only packed with tech they are also illegally soft. 

MERINO SHIRTS AND HOODIES! The ultimate shirts for life in the mountains and days when the weather can’t make up its mind. Merino shirts and mid-layers work invisibly to keep you at the perfect temperature and shut out the elements.


MERINO SOCKS! Whether they’re in ski boots, hiking shoes or SDP’s give your feet a sustainable treat with the ultimate activity socks. Wherever your adventure takes you, merino socks will keep your feet warm, even when wet, and be durable to boot.

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