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Are Yoga pants just for Yoga? Definitely not!  We put these ethically made leggings to the test and they accompanied us perfectly to the gym, the city and our outdoor adventures.  Go through our comprehensive sustainable legging guide, to find the perfect pair that suits your needs. 

From classic everyday fits to yoga classes, intense CrossFit workouts, and chilly skiing trips; Read on for the best of the best. 


Supporting Compressive Legging by Girlfriend Collective 

Girlfriend Collective Compressive legging

Go from a coffee with friends straight to the gym, with these super stylish leggings by Girlfriend Collective.

Ultra high rise, four-way stretch and sustainably made from recycled water bottles; they're the perfect pair of tights to give you a smart and classic look. Available in a variety of solid, high impact colors and sizes from XS to XXL.

Slightly thicker fabrication than your average style, a high waistline that doesn't roll down or bunch and a streamlined fit that flatters every shape. Girlfriend Collective uses 25 recycled water bottles in every high-waist, compressive legging pair.

Take your pick from a traditional black, plum, tanzanite, moss and midnight blue to a sweet pastel rose and cool jade. 

With a flattering wide waistband and a compression fit, they keep you looking slim and in style. Whether you are mixing and matching to create a stylish outfit or hitting the gym or a yoga class. 

  • Made from recycled polyester coming from plastic bottles
  • Slightly thicker fabric, compressive and high-rise 
  • If between sizes, we recommend sizing down for the best fit

"Very comfortable, excellent quality. Sizing is accurate if you follow sizing guides. Size down of you want more compression" - Anonymous from Ireland

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High-Rise Pocket Legging by Girlfriend Collective

By popular demand, the bestselling and original Compressive Legging by Girlfriend comes now with side pockets.

The High-Rise Pocket Legging has the same high-rise, sturdy construction and ultra compression as the original model, but sleek double side seams and a pocket on each hip for your phone, key or whatever you feel like putting there.

  • Made from recycled polyester coming from plastic bottles
  • Slightly thicker fabric, compressive and high-rise 
  • If between sizes, we recommend sizing down for the best fit

Choose a full length or 7/8 length for shorter legs or cropped fit >>

"Amazing! If you're looking for durable, sustainable, ethical, size inclusive and cute athletic wear, this is the one! It fits perfectly feels and looks gorgeous!" - Sara H. from Belgium

All-around Centered Tights by Patagonia 

Patagonia Centered Tights

Sustainably crafted from a mixture of recycled polyester and spandex, these stretchy, moisture absorbent tights are perfect for yoga, running, gym .. you name it!

With a wide, comfortable waistband, they give you ample room to breathe. Available in a variety of funky patterns and colors, they add a fun and playful note to any outfit.  While our absolutely favorite feature of these is the smart hidden key pocket at the top of the waistband!  Fair Trade Certified™ sewn, so you have no doubts and a clear conscience. 

  • Made from recycled polyester
  • Lightweight, stretchy, fast-wicking for high performance
  • Perfect all-around legging with colorful prints

"Comfy and sharp looking. A good buy. Just enough compression to both feel comfy and look nice on you. A small pocket on the front is definitely a plus." - Emma H. from Finland

Check all beautiful colors of Patagonia Centered tights

Patagonia's lightweight tights with pockets

leggings with side pockets

Pack it in, pack it out: These Patagonia's versatile lightweight tights are just what you need for increased mobility in the wilderness. 

  • Stretchy fabric blend for high-stepping; gusset for additional modesty and flexibility
  • Wide waistband lies flat under a pack
  • Zippered side pocket
  • Easy-access drop-in pocket on each leg
  • For yoga, running, city walks and hikes

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ONGX - Organic cotton leggings with colorful prints

yoga leggings organic cotton

OGNX soft organic cotton leggings are super comfortable and give you unrestricted freedom of movement without slipping. Prints as Butterfly, Aquarell and Leo Olive make them an eye-catcher in the yoga studio.

  • Made from organic cotton
  • Soft and elastane, super comfy! 
  • Normal sizing 
  • Pretty prints from butterflies to aquarell
  • Perfect for yoga, pilates, and cozy home wear 

"I bought these leggings to wear in the home office so the most important feature was comfortability. For my use, i.e. home office, yin yoga and stretching, exactly what I wanted." - Mirva H. from Finland

Terra Tights by Finnish Népra for intense training

Népra Terra leggings

Looking for the perfect pair of tights for high-intensity training? Look no further! 

Made from a thick and durable recycled material that withstands abrasions, Terra tights by Nepra are the perfect choice for CrossFit, weightlifting, climbing, and trail-running. 

With a tight and narrow fit that keeps them in place no matter what, and an Oeko-tex 100 Standard Certificate. Choose long or cropped model, Terra leggings got your back!

  • Made from recycled polyamide
  • Slightly thicker, not super stretchy fabric
  • You might need to size up, check the size chart
  • Perfect for sports where you need robust leggings

"Just love them! I have already one pair and I loved them so much, I had to order a second pair! Great Tights!!" - Claudia A. from Switzerland

Best selling Saturnus Tights by Nepra team - your second skin!

Népra Saturnus leggings


The Saturnus Tights by Nepra, are the ultimate pair of tights to accompany you in your everyday activities. 

With a second-skin feel, these are our most comfortable pair of leggings and honestly, quite difficult to part with. 

They have a hi-rise waistband that keeps your lower back and belly supported. And an ankle-length fit, which makes them perfect for the colder days as well.  Made from soft, toxic-free Oeko-tex 100 Standard Certified material, safe for both your skin and health!

Stretchy, sustainable, extremely comfortable and multipurpose. Use Nepra's Saturnus leggings for running, jogging, gym, dance, yoga and all those lazy days at home! 

  • Made from toxic-free Oeko-tex 100 Standard Certified fabric
  • Super soft, stretchy, "the most comfortable pair of leggings ever!"
  • Great for yoga, pilates, home lounging
  • Check the size chart for hip measurement to avoid any transparency issues

"You'll want to stay in the home office so you can wear this pair of leggings all the time. I can confirm the other reviews, the are really comfortable legging, highly recommended! I really liked the fit, especially the high waist and the material." - Eeva Y. from Germany 

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Very durable and compression fit High-Waist Pro Compression Tights by GYMNATION

GYMNATION High-Waist Pro Compression Tights

These tight and fitted High-Waist Pro Compression Tights give you strong support for challenging workouts like weightlifting and running.

GYMNATION's compression tights stay in place and give you nice support for high-intensity or challenging workouts. Choose the High-Waist Pro Compression Tights when you want to have tight compressive fit, that have excellent coverage and are squat proof. These tights are your choice if you want to go hard!
  • Tight, fitted compression fit
  • High-waist that stays well in place when training
  • Excellent coverage, squat proof
  • Choose your normal size
  • Perfect for running and weightlifting
  • Durable, two-way stretch material
  • High-quality, Italian, recycled material: 65% recycled polyamide, 35% elastane
  • Recycled polyamide is made from plastic waste collected from the sea
  • Finnish company, designed in Finland
  • Sustainable manufacturing in a Bluesign-certified factory in Lithuania
  • Combine with the Power Boost Sports Bra by GYMNATION

High-quality High-waist Training Tights by GYMNATION

High-Waist Training Tights by GYMNATION

These supporting tights that stay in place are perfect for crossfit, gym and multiple sports. The High-Waist Training Tights are GYMNATION's bestseller that you can find in many lovely colors.

The High-Waist Training Tights are made of a top quality French material that is very durable and flexible, guaranteeing excellent mobility and opacity.

  • Compressive fit, normal sizing
  • High-waist and supportive waist piece keeps these tights well in place while training
  • Excellent opacity, squat proof
  • Breathable and quick-drying material
  • Perfect for crossfit, gym and multiple sports
  • The fit should feel tight when trying them on the first time, the fabric will stretch a little during use
  • Top quality French material, four-way stretch: 57% polyamide, 43% elastane
  • Finnish company, designed in Finland
  • Sustainable manufacturing in a Bluesign-certified factory in Lithuania
  • Combine with the Performance Boost Sports Bra by GYMNATION

Soft and flexible High-Waist Training Leggings by GYMNATION

GYMNATION High-Waist Training Leggings

The High-Waist Training Leggings by GYMNATION are your choice for soft workouts and everyday activities.

The model of these High-Waist Training Leggings is the same as in the bestseller High-Waist Training Tights, but the material is softer, much more flexible and the fit is less compressive.

  • Normal sizing
  • Flexible material, no compression
  • Perfect for yoga and other sports that require flexibility
  • High-waist and supportive waist piece keep these leggings well in place while training
  • Despite the flexible fabric, we recommend to choose your normal size for full coverage
  • Because of the soft material, we don't recommend these leggings for hard workouts like crossfit and weightlifting
  • Top quality Italian material: 62% polyamide, 38% elastane
  • Finnish company, designed in Finland
  • Sustainable manufacturing in a Bluesign-certified factory in Lithuania

See the full GYMNATION activewear collection >>

XYNZ Merino wool leggings by Mons Royale

Going on a skiing trip?  These full-length XYNZ leggings are made from a blend of merino wool and elastane, making them perfect for cold weather and winter sports.

Surprisingly enough, due to the unique temperature regulating properties of merino wool, they can also be used for the mat or trail. 

Stylish yet comfortable; Featuring the signature Mons Royale waistband, they set you apart from the crowd.  While flat-locked seams and 4 way stretch guarantee your comfort. 

Mons Royale merino wool is sourced in a non-mulesing way and holds a ZQ Certificate. Guaranteeing that the farmers meet the highest standards of animal welfare, environmental care, and sustainability.

  • Made from mulesing-free merino wool
  • Warm, breathable, stretchy fabric
  • Eco-friendly fabric, easy to take care of since airing in fresh air is enough for washing

"Super lovely tights for yoga, running and different sports, when the weather gets colder." - Sonja I. from Finland

Read also why mulesing-free merino wool is more sustainable choose

Tried and tested by Weekendbee, these are our favorite leggings! Perfect for our eco-friendly consumers and tailored to suit a variety of needs.  Put them to the test yourself and tell us what you think! 

Happy workouts! 

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